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Every woman knows one thing for sure: men just don’t know how to go shopping. In the TV Show Style Date™ – Dress and Impress, three men with completely different lifestyles and backgrounds are faced with a real challenge: They have to go shopping for an attractive girl and buy her a brand new outfit. They only know her from a short video clip – but if she likes their style, they might win a date with her.


200+ Episodes aired
– 5 Seasons in Ireland on TG4 („Paisean Faisean“) [Link] [Opener]
– 104 Episodes in Turkey (s’nek) [Link]
– 60 Episodes in Ukraine on K1 („Vdyagnu Mene“) [Link]
– Optioned in the US and Poland
Nominated for „Favourite Irish TV Show“ – TV NOW Awards 2006 and 2007
Screened at Banff World Television Festival 2008